Chocolate and Children By Lynne Staartjes, Sweet Tooth Tours London

We all have a favourite childhood memory involving sweets. Maybe it’s a candy bar during school recess or ice cream during summer holidays. Who didn’t have a cake to celebrate their birthday? From an early age, chocolate and sweets are given to us as a reward for a job well done. My nephews are even given M&M’s as bribery during potty training! Chocolate will almost always put a smile on a kid’s face and I’ve yet to meet a child who doesn’t like it. Yet, the jury is out on the effects of chocolate, especially for kids.
On our tours we always advocate indulging in moderation and we think the same should go for kids. Chocolate makes kids happy—so can it really be so bad? We’ll leave the science up to the experts but here are some of the benefits according to Parent Circle:
  • Forging a bond between child and parent
  • Pleasing picky eaters
  • Creating the post chocolate buzz
  • Improving mathematical skills
  • Being in a state of ‘ananda’
  • Avoiding junk food
  • Giving much-needed energy
  • Getting creative
  • Protecting the heart
  • Making friends for life
A Finnish study even reported that eating chocolate during pregnancy makes happier babies!So, it’s safe to say that chocolate is not all bad. It’s often recommended to give kids dark chocolate over milk or white so that they get more of the health benefits and a lower sugar content. Plus they’ll grow up with an appreciation for the amazing world of cacao varieties and origins. Like all good things—enjoy chocolate in moderation. Start healthy habits and routines when kids are young and they’ll grow up making good choices.
Lynne Staartjes founded Sweet Tooth Tours in 2017 while she was studying pastry at Le Cordon Bleu. Lynne grew up between the US and the UK and started her pastry career at age 18 in the kitchen of one of Paris’ grand palace hotels. Lynne wanted to combine her passions for desserts, London, travel and meeting new people and Sweet Tooth Tours was born. She is a wealth of information on the latest foodie and hospitality news. Her friends consider her a concierge of sorts. She has travelled extensively throughout all seven continents and is always on the lookout for pastry trends and new flavours.

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